About Me

M.Sc, author, evil chuckling spider. Pictured having a good idea.



Who am I and why do you care?

My name is [FRAGMENT DELETED], I live in [REDACTED] and I write fiction. I have a background in biology, including some published work.

As an aspiring writer, my goal is to create and destroy worlds for the enjoyment of my readers. Sometimes more literally than not, but that’s just part of the fun.

My background and career to date have been primarily scientific in focus, but for as long as I can remember, I have had an interest in writing. One of my earliest successes in the world of fiction was in eighth grade when I received a letter rejecting my work. Rather than the standard form letter, this was personally written by a publisher telling me that I should seek psychological help and that if I had any further stories in me, I should keep them there.

As you can see, I didn’t listen.

I’ve written several novel-length works such as Children of Heaven, The Last Angel, The Last Angel: Ascension and the web serial All the Little Lost Boys and Girls as well as several short stories, novellas and other projects I aim to see professionally published. Or at least becoming major motion pictures (hey, I can dream…). My work is primarily science fiction and fantasy, since I find those venues most engaging, as they encompass the two most wonderful and terrible words in the English language: What If?

There’s a special sense of wonder that that idea invokes in me and I like to explore different ideas through the lens of alternate worlds. What could happen, what has happened, what might have happened. To look at horrors and wonders in different ways, to showcase different ideas and concepts…

…and because space is friggin’ awesome.