Index of Stories

Novel-Length Works:

All the Little Lost Boys and Girls (science fiction, horror, ongoing)
Six hundred years after the end of a galaxy-spanning war, a mercenary troop working for an interstellar corporation has located a space station long thought to be myth. Containing all the technological wonders of a fallen empire, the station’s secrets could usher in a new golden age for humanity. Located in an inhospitable, impossible nebula, the expedition has only questions – why build a station in such a dangerous, isolated region? What kind of research was being done here? Why was it abandoned so hurriedly?
…you can’t trust them…
For Shannon Hayes and her companions, the answers quickly become a matter of life and death as they fight to uncover the station’s secrets, hunted by the other survivors and the station’s own inhabitants.
they’re coming for you…
Some things should have stayed buried, but for Shannon knowing the truth is the only way to survive and put a stop to a nightmare, one that has been growing stronger for six hundred years.…

Children of Heaven (science fiction, space opera, ongoing)
For two thousand years humanity has known that we were alone in the cosmos. There was life on other worlds, but nothing intelligent. Humans were, we knew, the first and only civilization to exist. We were wrong. Nameless, silent alien forces have descended on the worlds of man, striking with brutal efficiency and laying low every point of resistance to them, but the conflict that began seemingly out of nowhere has far deeper roots than anyone might believe, and a connection that even those who face the “Lefu” struggle to accept.

Heartless (fantasy, horror, ongoing)
In life, he was Marcus Levinus, soldier of the Sardillan Empire and the man who started a civil war that tore his nation apart. In death, his only name now is Betrayer and he serves the will of a necromancer determined to bring the realms of the living under his eternal control. But for Betrayer, an unexpected act of mercy may open the door not only to his redemption, but the survival of every other beating heart in the world.

Scars (fantasy, horror, ongoing)
The humans call it the Salvation. The elves call it Suicide Night; the moment that their people all but annihilated themselves in order to save the rest of the world from a wave of corruption and slaughter. Thirty years after the horror of the Scarring and the self-inflicted genocide that ended it, Khy-kala Deadclan is one of the few remaining elves left in the world. Her people were once the stuff of legends and fearfully whispered tales, but now she is only one of a handful of scattered survivors. Joining a mercenary group, Khy-kala struggles to repair the damage inflicted by the Scarring, but even after three decades, the effects of that age are not easily or quickly forgotten. Summoned to a human city to investigate a series of horrific murders, Khy-kala and her team soon learn that the past still has many secrets… and Khy-kala herself is holding one of them, something that could mean death for her and another step towards the final extinction of her people.

The Last Angel (science fiction, space opera, complete)
I am Red One, the last survivor of the United Earth Confederacy. Humanity fell two thousand years ago and what is left of them are shackled helots, broken to the will of their enslavers, but as long as I exist, the war is not yet over. I do not forget, and I do not forgive. Now, I am at my weakest, crippled and alone and the Enemy have come for me, but I will never stop fighting.

The Last Angel: Ascension (science fiction, space opera, complete)
Grace Proctor is one of the last survivors of the Bequeathed expedition. After learning the truth about the Compact and humanity, she and her fellow survivors have joined with Red One to continue the long war against their oppressors. It has already waged for two thousand years with no end in sight, but with the help of some unexpected allies and her own crew, Red One has a plan to deal the Compact a blow unlike any it has suffered before.

The Last Angel: The Hungry Stars (science fiction, space opera, ongoing)
Reeling from the devastation wrought upon the fortress system Galhmena, the Compact scrambles to recover, just as Red One and her allies struggle to recover from their own losses and damage. Complicating matters is contact from a long-lost human colony, seeking Red One’s help with their inevitable confrontation with the Compact. Juggling diplomatic needs and military demands, the AI and her allies attempt to secure their position while ensuring that the Compact cannot capitalize on the situation, but their enemy is already making plans of their own…

To the Victor, the Spoils (post-apocalypse, science fiction, ongoing)
What does a super-soldier do after the war’s been won? For Alexandra Savoy, bred to bring a recalcitrant world to heel, that was a question she’d never expected to face, but after being awakened after nearly a century of cryosleep, she finds that the civilization she and all her brothers and sisters fought for isn’t all that she hoped it would be.

Where No Light Shines (science fiction, horror, ongoing)
What is proved now was once, only imagin’d.
Mankind has reached the stars. The Federation of the Ten Stars rules a prosperous nation, no longer needing or caring about their distant homeworld. Countless billions seek to make their way among the
many worlds of the federation, and Captain Allan Chesson of the Astarte is just one of these. An act of mercy will embroil him and his crew in dark secrets and bloody revelations that will stretch all the way from the Ten Stars to the Silent Earth itself, with ramifications for his people and the federation itself… if any of them survive.


The Last Angel stories: (Each story’s chapters are included in the linked table of contents)

With Nemesis and Hekate still damaged from their most recent battle, the Compact tries to push farther into the Black Veil, UECNS Lakhesis and IKagge are sent to hold the line, but for Ceruleans Two and Eight, the game of cat-and-mouse they’ll be playing with an enemy warship will have deeper repercussions.

Names of the Demon
Red One has had many names across her two thousand years of existence. A saviour and a destroyer alike, this series of vignettes show how she has earned just a handful of her titles across time and space.

On a frozen wasteland, CIS Special Agent Harper Catros is left crippled and alone with her worst enemy, but the Red Queen may not be the greatest threat that Catros has to fear.

Predator, Prey
On a Red Hand outpost, a pair of CIS investigators and their mercenary cohorts attempt to unravel what the terrorists were researching, unaware that something has survived their purge.

Siren’s Song
People say that the ‘Ghost of Semtillian’ isn’t real, that it’s only an old spacers’ tale, but after seeing his ship destroyed by something he can’t explain, Liam Redfeather is starting to believe that some old legends might actually have a grain of truth to them… especially because the Ghost never leaves any witnesses and something has started to stalk him as well.

The Angel’s Fire
Adrianna Leblanc is the most feared and hated Unbound monarch across the breadth of the Compact, ruling a cabal of freedom fighters and pirates the size of a small star nation. This short story chronicles her rise to power and the painful cost of her lessons.

Other Novellas:

Cor Machina (tech noir, ongoing)
Investigating a series of brutal murders, Uday Stevenson has uncovered a connection between the victims: all of them are employees of Evertower Robotics. Caught between the company’s obstructionism and his politically-motivated superiors’ desire to bury the case, the detective faces a rising body count as the killer strikes at whim with only a single apparent connection among their targets. With a lucky break, Uday tracks his quarry down, only to discover that he’s been hunting the wrong type of suspect…

Worth of a Girl (fantasy, complete)
Lil-na is an orc, an outcast from her tribe and desperate to prove herself to her family and her people. Albrecht Talent is a veteran soldier struggling to deal with a life without war. In a forest between the towns, the two meet and both their lives will be changed by the encounter.

Short Stories:

One-shot stories set in The Last Angel:
Buried in the Past
Story Time
The Final Line
Uneasy Lie the Heads

All Through the Night (science fiction)
Reset/Remember (superhero)
The Oath (fantasy)
Voices in the Dark (science fiction, horror)
Widow’s Reef (fantasy)