Weekly Drabble: ‘AWOL’ and Prompt Thread.

This week's prompts are 'uninvited guest' and 'predator' from Sam C and Henri Black, which gives us a return to the setting of a failed alien takeover of Earth. Illya Vadokov, a "termination specialist" and most dangerous of the infiltrators, is still on the run from human authorities and slowly coming to terms with what… Continue reading Weekly Drabble: ‘AWOL’ and Prompt Thread.

Weekly Drabble: ‘Harvest Moon’ and Drabble Prompt Thread

This week's prompt is 'pumpkin' from Knightress and we have a little autumn-based short story for you all featuring a young woman, the man she loves and the monster within him. A little more literal than figurative in this case. There's also a new prompt thread up for my patrons to submit new ideas for… Continue reading Weekly Drabble: ‘Harvest Moon’ and Drabble Prompt Thread

Weekly Drabble: ‘Final Preparations’ and new Prompt Thread

From Krystal Boone and 'if there's never been any light, how do we know what darkness is?', we return to Heresy and Hope as the crew of the latter prepares to exit the intergalactic void and the former lets them know just how bad they are at keeping secrets. There's also a new patrons-only prompt… Continue reading Weekly Drabble: ‘Final Preparations’ and new Prompt Thread