Where No Light Shines, Chapter 7

“A present is just the best thing ever! All wrapped up with shiny paper and topped with a bow. It can be anything, anything at all and you never quite know what it is until you open it up!” -radio intercept taken prior to Cal Soto Mine bombings. Source unknown; speaker identified as Charlene Marie Jefferson, aka “Charlie Chuckles”

Patreon Update: ‘Treasure Hunt’ and Weekly Prompt Thread

This week's patron bonuses are up: another addition to City of Shadows with 'why should it not be me' from Henri Black and 'that which lurks' from Sam C, bringing us back to Horrak-Sarn and the people trying to make their living in this alien ecumenoppolis. As well, there's a new prompt thread for patrons… Continue reading Patreon Update: ‘Treasure Hunt’ and Weekly Prompt Thread

Children of Heaven, Chapter 27

She sang when she killed, flying through fire, and when she made love, gasping and wrihting. Life was nothing without passion and neither was she. Ayrkka never felt more connected then to have her voice and mind mingle with the thousands of her brothers and sisters, to be a part of something greater than herself. Now she was alone and everything was too quiet but for the gestalt static that crackled and babbled at the edges of her senses. Only the Enemy Echo could hear her and that one burned with hatred for her. Not that Arykka could blame her. She’d never been cut off like this before. Entombed. Buried alive in every way that matterd. Arykka’s song rose higher as tears glistened in her eyes and the Evea’shi poured her despair, her loneliness and her pain into the wordless symphony, knowing that the only one who could hear her was an Enemy.

Children of Heaven, Chapter 26

Chapter 26: Jekrin Mooncurve, 19663Stronghold-778Shell WorldsHoly Curatorium of Brei HCVS Servant of Thunder Commandant Asav’ehem tugged at his collar, resisting the urge to cough. It was not easy; his chest and throat burned incessantly “Status changes?” he ordered over the pain. The lights aboard the sentinus deck were dimmed; photosensitivity was but the first symptom… Continue reading Children of Heaven, Chapter 26