New Short Story, ‘Que Sera’ and Weekly Prompt Thread

This week's chosen prompt comes from Pyro Hawk with 'once and forever' and it seemed only natural to get some vampire fiction with that. We return to the newly-turned vampire Leila as she is brought to a coven of her new people to decide what to do with her, alongside the renegade vampire that created… Continue reading New Short Story, ‘Que Sera’ and Weekly Prompt Thread

Weekly Drabble ‘Professionals’ and Drabble Prompt Thread

This week's prompts are 'zombie outbreak response team' from Sam C and 'the cycle continues' from LystAiP, where we dip back into Scars to see what life after the Scarring is like for a countries that was thousands of miles from the front lines. There's also a new prompt thread up for members for next… Continue reading Weekly Drabble ‘Professionals’ and Drabble Prompt Thread