The Last Angel: Siren’s Song, Chapter 2

Liam “Lucky” Redfeather is not having the best time recently. He’s lost his ship, his crew, his friends, he’s been demoted to a job he’s not trained for. Everyone looks down on him for being human and… oh yes. He’s seen the Ghost of Semtillian, which is considered to be a death mark. No one has ever survived seeing the Ghost. Except… except maybe one person. Liam seeks her out, hoping that she’s found a way to escape the curse that’s taken everyone else. In this chapter, Lucky continues to try to make ends meet on a space station crawling with pirates who hate him, all while some nameless horror is watching him and waiting for its chance to add his name to the tally of the Ghost’s victims. It’s a fun time for all concerned.

Follow the handy link here for the newest chapter to Siren’s Song and remember: don’t get too close to Semtillian.

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