Go Font Yourself

To be fair, it was a surprise – to be sure – but a welcome one that XenForo (or at least SpaceBattles) recognizes some of the more esoteric fonts I occasionally use like YouMurderer BB. I guess Filth of Icarus is a bit too esoteric, though. I guess I’ll have to find a different font to mark out [FRAGMENT DELETED]’s dialogue.

1 thought on “Go Font Yourself”

  1. Glad to see your thoughts! Your care to use fonts adds a lot of inmersion quality to your science-fiction works (one of the reasons by which “The Last Angel” & “All the Little Lost Boys & Girls” can be so immersive/horrifying at times – the font really pulls you in and, psychologically speaking, somehow breaks down the medium barriers standing between the character and reader – where the itallics engage on those works, you know it is “on”, and you feel personally adressed. Which, given some of the denizens of those universes, gives you, as a reader, cause for delicious, delicious CONCERN.

    “to mark out [FRAGMENT DELETED]’s dialogue.” — HYPE MODE – ENGAGED!!!!

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