Patreon Update: ‘Upcoming Harvest’, Weekly Drabble Prompt and News

First, the news. Regular visitors may have noticed that there was a recent lack of updates to this website the last week. The truth is… I forgot. I’ve been busy with a new project (about 12 pages done in one week) and just have to edit it, and then we’ll be updating regularly here once again.

Second, there’s a new drabble up on my Patreon; using the suggestions of ‘shudder’ from EBB and ‘harvest moon’ from Dayvid, we check in on Geode, that lovely little planet-sized moon full of very curious and very dangerous wildlife, seeing another colonist’s perspective on the whole place.

Third and last, the patrons-only prompt thread is up as well, so get your suggestions in for nexty week’s drabble while you can!

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