All the little lost boys and girls, Chapter 67

Wait, Chapter 67? Well, yes. This is the latest and newest addition to a story series I’ve have going for some years, and which you can read from the beginning here.

So what’s this story about you say? I’m glad you asked!

Six hundred years after the end of a galaxy-spanning war, a mercenary troop working for an interstellar corporation has located a space station long thought to be myth. Containing all the technological wonders of a fallen empire, the station’s secrets could usher in a new golden age for humanity. Located in an inhospitable, impossible nebula, the expedition has only questions – why build a station in such a dangerous, isolated region? What kind of research was being done here? Why was it abandoned so hurriedly?

…you can’t trust them…

For Shannon Hayes and her companions, the answers quickly become a matter of life and death as they fight to uncover the station’s secrets, hunted by the other survivors and the station’s own inhabitants.

…they’re coming for you…

Some things should have stayed buried, but for Shannon knowing the truth is the only way to survive and put a stop to a nightmare, one that has been growing stronger for six hundred years.


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