All the little lost boys and girls, Chapter 73

And after a long hiatus, my patrons have voted for some more of this ongoing serial science fiction horror. To start from the beginning, check out this link, but to dive right in, this should help you get back into the action! Alexei’s mission has gathered information, but no answers. He’s seen the horrors that… Continue reading All the little lost boys and girls, Chapter 73

Scars, Chapter 27

A new update for our fantasy horror series, Scars. Khy-kala returns to Allona with Jilene in tow, however this is less of a setting for an introduction and more avoiding an otherwise inevitable confrontation. Meanwhile, Justir receives a letter from an old friend. In the excerpt below, we show the lengths Khy-kala's prepared to go… Continue reading Scars, Chapter 27

Weekly Drabble ‘Professionals’ and Drabble Prompt Thread

This week's prompts are 'zombie outbreak response team' from Sam C and 'the cycle continues' from LystAiP, where we dip back into Scars to see what life after the Scarring is like for a countries that was thousands of miles from the front lines. There's also a new prompt thread up for members for next… Continue reading Weekly Drabble ‘Professionals’ and Drabble Prompt Thread

Scars, Chapter 22

This month's first update is a continuation of Scars. The final confrontation with the vampire is upon us... or is it? Khy-kala leads a group of humans to what she believes is it's lair, but things aren't always what they appear... Enjoy! ~ Grygir paused at the threshold, only stopping because Khy-kala didn’t enter the… Continue reading Scars, Chapter 22