The Last Angel: Ozymandias, Chapter 2

To finish up the month is a new update for Ozymandias. Adrianna has found shelter for her and Harper, but the CIS agent isn’t exacting a willing companion and resists Leblanc every chance she gets. Meanwhile, Leblanc’s concerns for their safety grow as night falls. Baheila Osz is a planet of secrets and tonight, the women will encounter one of them for themselves, though the world may not be done with them yet…

Below is an excerpt from the chapter; Harper and Adrianna have gotten out of the lethal cold, but the former is still badly injured and on Baheila Osz, once you leave the protection of the domed cities, it’s not just the weather that will kill you…

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“My job is not to make anything easy for you. I’d use a different method to express my feelings, but someone took my gun, so this is what you get.”

Leblanc let out an aggrieved sigh. “If shit happens tonight, then you need to be able to move.”


The other woman ignored the barb, pulling the blood-soaked shirt away Harper’s midsection. “You are starting to heal,” she observed. “Hoping I wouldn’t notice, I bet. But this isn’t fast enough. It’ll be morning before you’ll be able to move again. I pull this now and you’ll bleed out in minutes.” She bit her lip. “Plan B is it.”

“What’s Plan B?”

“None of the medications that survived the crash are really intended for use on humans,” Adrianna explained. “So we’ll improvise.” She pulled out an applicator gun and picked out a capsule loaded with deep-tissue regeneration stimulant. It was for use on Tribunes and Workers and highly unsuitable for Broken.

Harper’s eyes widened. “I thought you weren’t trying to kill me.”

“I know how to dilute it to safe levels. It won’t kill you,” Leblanc rummaged through the other kits, pulling out additional items. Harper couldn’t follow what she was doing, but she heard soft clinks and clicks. After a few minutes, the blue-haired woman held the vial back up, the contents muddied and off-colour. She examined it carefully, then nodded. “You’ll need to check with a physician for potential mutagenic reactions in the future – this is pretty nasty stuff for a human – but it will help you recover.”

Catros tried to back up, but with only one hand, she didn’t get far. “You are not putting that shit inside me.”

“I don’t like it any more than you do, but we don’t have time for anything else. If I thought there was another way…” she sighed. “I might be wrong. I’ll tell you that right now, I might be wrong and this isn’t necessary. But I don’t think so.”

Harper was quiet for a moment. “There was something out in the storm, wasn’t there?”

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