Patreon Update: To the Victor, the Spoils Chapter XXXIII

As the second-most voted for option this month, we have a new update for To the Victor. In this chapter, we check in with Mr. Orange and one of his associates to see how things are going, as well as visiting with Darren now that he's hale and hearty again. At least, until certain people… Continue reading Patreon Update: To the Victor, the Spoils Chapter XXXIII

Children of Heaven, Chapter 23

The major looked down at his huge gauntlets; they were stained with blood. The freshest blots were from a young ensign who’d been skewered on the end of a bayonet. She’d never even seen what killed her, the alien creeping up behind her, invisible and impaling her on the end of its rifle. There were some sounds that you never thought a human could make until you heard them for yourself, straight from a dying throat. Leibowitz had heard too many of those. He’d killed the ensign’s murderer. Not very forgiving, but he hadn’t joined the Corps to proselytize mercy. Especially not to some tentacle-faced monstrosity that had just gutted a helpless girl like a fish. The Marine leaned back against the scarred bulkhead, listening to the comm channels as more of his people died. I hope this tub is worth it.

All the Little Lost Boys and Girls, Chapter 71.

My patrons have voted and the newest update for this month is live; a continuation of our science-fiction horror. In this update, we're still with Alexei and Duty Before Glory in the final days of their lives. Fresh from the horrors of Gemini Pax, they're responding to a distress call from an Imperial vessel, hoping… Continue reading All the Little Lost Boys and Girls, Chapter 71.

The Last Angel: The Hungry Stars, Chapter 16

And here we are, closing out the spookiest month with a chapter from The Hungry Stars involving some spooky things (yes, that was wholly by design and not a coincidence...). In this chapter, people, ships and plots are in motion. Grace and Allyria are on a new mission, the Compact is continuing its efforts to… Continue reading The Last Angel: The Hungry Stars, Chapter 16

To the Victor, the Spoils: Chapter 9

Chapter 9: Darren spent the evening with the estate madam Georgina Selick, getting the dog-and-pony show about what she expected from all of the household’s workers. Selick ran the staff that kept the mansion and its grounds functioning and tidy – maids, butlers, stewards, cooks, groundskeepers and everyone in the car pool all reported to… Continue reading To the Victor, the Spoils: Chapter 9

Children of Heaven, Chapter 22

“Human,” Admiral Foraker stated, still unable to come to grips with the concept. If Captain Drake Winters, the hive’s senior physician, had had glasses to adjust nervously, he would have done so. Over the past two days, he’d been feeling more than a little like Alice staring down the rabbit hole. Only there was a saying about looking into the darkness too, wasn’t there? He nodded, taking a moment to settle himself. Almost all of BG 97’s senior officers were here, in addition to Special Envoy Diana Pierce and none of them looked entirely happy. A rather attractive redhead, whom he realized was Commodore Archer, appeared the most discomfited out of them all. He’d heard rumours about a disagreement between her and one of her captains during the final moments of the battle for Hyperion Hive and she’d been a consistent voice for more aggressive action against the Lefu. To find out that the ‘alien bastards’ she’d lost friends to over and over again were human themselves… it had to be unsettling.

To the Victor, the Spoils, Chapter 8

Chapter 8: The sun was only just beginning to rise when Verona woke up. She was alone in bed, but Alexandra was nearby, stripping out of her night clothes. She tugged on a sports bra and exercise shorts. “Sorry,” she apologized. “I didn’t mean to wake you.” “It’s all right,” Verona assured her mistress. “Did...… Continue reading To the Victor, the Spoils, Chapter 8

Children of Heaven, Chapter 21

Clad only in her bodyglove, Denise took a moment to get her bearings. She had her carbine draped over her back and a sidearm in her hands, along with four grenades; two plasma and two flash-bang. Not a lot. She tapped the side of her head, brushing a sweaty black lock of hair back behind her ear. She’d salvaged a portable HUD too, but it lacked the command and communication functions of her Marine helmet. Given that those had been slagged earlier, she wasn’t missing much. Now, if I were the bridge, which direction would I be in? Selecting the most likely passageway, Corporal Denise Rentwell crawled through the bowels of the enemy ship.

The Last Angel: The Hungry Stars, Chapter 15

And here we are with a new month's update for The Hungry Stars, shifting our focus from the Black Veil and the meeting between the League and Red One's forces to narrow the scope a little. Nasham has learned that Grace survived her apparent death and is taking it about as well as Wesley did… Continue reading The Last Angel: The Hungry Stars, Chapter 15