Scars, Chapter 23

This month’s next update, just in time for Halloween, is a new chapter for Scars, following up immediately after the events of last chapter: the ambush at the trapper’s house, and a surprise guest on Jilene’s property. For a look at what to expect, check out the snippet below but for the full story, check out the links above!


“What do you want?” Wilmet shouted at the intruder. “What do you want, fiend?

“Me,” Jilene said softly, the truth striking a chord of horror. “He’s here for me.” She wasn’t even sure Wilmet heard her as he cursed at the leering monster, still thrusting the broken mop at him in an almost comical show of defiance. The vampire’s red eyes turned once more to Jilene. No, it wasn’t indignation he felt for the human standing between him and his child… it was contempt.

This is your defiance now, little one? You managed to hurt me and this is what you hide behind, quivering like a ewe seeking shelter from a hornless ram?

She still didn’t know if he was speaking those words to her, or if they were just the way her mind translated his dripping scorn. The connection was like a physical thing, a rope that had tied them together and even her own thoughts spoke on his behalf. Another part of how he’d violated her, of what he’d done to her. This thing was inside her very mind, calling to her and trying to seduce her to become a monster like him. Anger welled up inside Jilene, fiery defiance trampling the seductive draw the vampire was exuding. “You came for me, didn’t you?” she screamed at him. “You want me, but you can’t have me! You’re stuck out there and you can’t get in!”

I will have you, or I will take back the gift I gave you. You will die like the rest; like an animal. Like prey.

Jilene’s blood was pounding in her head and without realizing it, she stepped in front of Wilmet, shaking off his attempt to pull her back behind him. “You can’t do anything to me,” she spat. “Not from out there. Not without crossing that threshold, and you can’t. There’s nothing you can do to me.” Her lips twisted with her own contempt. “You want me, don’t you? You chose me and it pisses you off that I’m not coming to you, but all you can do is stand there and glower because you can’t come in.” Ignoring Wilmet, she stopped only a few paces in front of the door, staring into the hate-filled eyes of the beast. “If you want me so badly,” she taunted. “Come and get me.”

The vampire’s eyes widened, his mouth began to part…

…and too late, Jilene realized what she’d done.


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