The Last Angel: Ozymandias, Chapter 10

My patrons have voted for it and so it has come to pass: a new chapter of Ozymandias. Being proactive is always a good idea, isn’t it? In this case, it means that you don’t wait for the ravenous alien beasts constructs attackers to come find you. You’re already heading out to take a brief detour to stay as far ahead of them as you can. I mean, sure, the detour has taken you down into the lowest levels of a long-abandoned necropolis, its freezing cold, you’re injured and your only companion hates you, but… you’re keeping on top of things! Don’t look back, don’t look down and don’t think about the hundreds of corpses just inches away from you.

Below is a snippet of Adrianna and Harper’s travel through the lowest levels of the Great Prison. Some places have things like sewage, sub-basements, recycling, laundry at their lowest. For the Baheil, they chose this place to store infected corpses. Below a reactor and above an ocean of molten lava. That location’s probably just a coincidence, right?

For the full chapter, and to see what happens next, check out the link above!


The brunette watched her egg donor work with fascination. She had some skills in hotwiring common systems – locked doors, car control software and anything else she’d need to do her job – but she had no idea what she was looking at with Baheil technology. “Can you override the lock?”

“With a few years, maybe. The Baheil wouldn’t have completely switched their entire technology base if it could be easily circumvented, but…” she paused, frowning. “I don’t think I have to.”

“What’s that?”

“I don’t think this doorway is actually locked. It shows that it is, but there’s no request for ID or biometric verification that the others had.” If Barry wasn’t going to let them in to a section, the doors would stubbornly ask their guests for identification. “It’s just sealed and the panel itself doesn’t work.” She tapped several of the keys, but got no response. “I think a manual override will work here.” She leaned over the opening, looking up into the open space between the walls. “Give me a second.”

Baheil arms were longer than those of humans and Adrianna had to strain to reach the override handle, wrapping her fingers around it and pulling it down.


The door popped open several centimeters, widening a little farther with each pump Adrianna gave the handle until there was enough space to allow the women through. As soon as they stepped into the adjoining room, the door slammed shut again, and another anomaly presented itself. The walls around the door were scarred with cratering and burns. “This is a problem,” Adrianna said, touching the edges of one divot, her eyes darting around the closed-in walkways of the stasis tube-choked room.

Harper blinked. “Show me.”

Adrianna helped reorient the hobbled woman, giving her a better look. The more she saw, the more Harper agreed with her companion. The glow panels in the walkway nearest the door were off and the plating felt uneven under her feet. Rock chips and debris were scattered over the floor, along with a faded dark stains and drag marks. You didn’t need to be a trained investigator to figure this situation out, but there was more to it than what a first glance suggested.

“Tell me, special agent,” Adrianna said, putting the question to her daughter. “What does it look like happened here?”


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