Patreon Update: To the Victor, the Spoils Chapter XXXIII

As the second-most voted for option this month, we have a new update for To the Victor. In this chapter, we check in with Mr. Orange and one of his associates to see how things are going, as well as visiting with Darren now that he's hale and hearty again. At least, until certain people… Continue reading Patreon Update: To the Victor, the Spoils Chapter XXXIII

To the Victor, the Spoils: Chapter 9

Chapter 9: Darren spent the evening with the estate madam Georgina Selick, getting the dog-and-pony show about what she expected from all of the household’s workers. Selick ran the staff that kept the mansion and its grounds functioning and tidy – maids, butlers, stewards, cooks, groundskeepers and everyone in the car pool all reported to… Continue reading To the Victor, the Spoils: Chapter 9

To the Victor, the Spoils, Chapter 8

Chapter 8: The sun was only just beginning to rise when Verona woke up. She was alone in bed, but Alexandra was nearby, stripping out of her night clothes. She tugged on a sports bra and exercise shorts. “Sorry,” she apologized. “I didn’t mean to wake you.” “It’s all right,” Verona assured her mistress. “Did...… Continue reading To the Victor, the Spoils, Chapter 8

To the Victor, the Spoils: Chapter 7

Chapter 7: Verona couldn’t sleep. She was too wound up from the excitement of the day, thinking too many thoughts. Her bedroom was on the third floor, across the hall from Lady Vipress. Normally, she would have taken a place in the servant’s quarters until and unless Alexandra sent for her. It was... presumptuous to… Continue reading To the Victor, the Spoils: Chapter 7

To the Victor, the Spoils, Chapter 6

Capricorn City was, by pre-War standards, not a terribly large place. Its population was less than a tenth of Minneapolis... had anyone still lived in its crumbling wreckage. Many major population centers were dead and had been for decades. Only places that the Hegemony had prioritized in rebuilding like Garamond gave some semblance of human civilization returning to Earth. Five billion people died. Some starved as crops were poisoned and stores ran out. Others fell to disease; many through the filth of war but others from the Hegemony’s bioweapons. Riots, civil wars, radiation sickness – the ways that humanity had used to tear itself apart were both many and varied. After Johannesburg, when the Coalition’s last, desperate chance for victory had failed, the killing had truly begun in earnest. No... not killing. It had been too sterile, too clinical for that. Culling. The eradication of defiant populations and anyone who could pose a threat to the Hegemony and their damned High Human Culture. And that bitch upstairs was the one who had made it all possible. Why couldn’t she have just died? It wasn’t an angry thought. If he’d seen Savoy revelling in this new world, it would be easier to find that hatred. Instead, it was almost despondent.