Scars, Chapter 14

And here is a shiny new update for Scars. The vampire hunt begins with Khy-kala searching for its lair, while Jilene suffers from the memories of what it did and what it took from her. Elsewhere, Kevac is – in theory – putting out feelers to see if the bandits have reached out to Allona’s criminal element to sell their stolen goods. In actuality, he’s spending a lot of time drunk off his ass. Good to see a proper worth ethic, isn’t it?

A snippet from Jilene’s first night after the attack can be found before, but for the full story, check out the links above!

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Finally managing to calm herself enough that she could stretch out again, Jilene tossed and turned in her bed. No matter how she lay or sat, she couldn’t stay still. Her entire body felt hot and tense and the restlessness wouldn’t go away. If she stayed still for too long, it was almost as if it started to feel painful, but not quite. Even so, it was preferable to the terror and panic that her other thoughts dredged up, but it made for no more a restful night, either.

She got up, intending to make herself something to settle her nerves. The doctor slept deeply, so Jilene had no fear of waking him. Before she reached the kitchen, she stopped in the living room. The half-moon was bright tonight, shining faintly across the cobblestone and dirt of the small town’s streets and alleys. She drew back the curtains as she looked out into the darkened village.

It seemed different somehow. Brighter, maybe? Clearer? Jilene wasn’t sure. It wasn’t the same village that she’d seen hundreds of times before, though. She could feel that something was a-kilter. Strange as it seemed, despite knowing what was out there, the night seemed more inviting than it ever had before and something in Jilene ached to go outside.

She stared for more several moments more before her restlessness got the better of her. Rysa had brought her some clothes and Jilene put on her shoes and pulled on a coat, stepping out into the night. At first, she wasn’t sure where she was going and she wandered aimlessly around the village square. The cool summer night actually did help settle her nerves, at least for a few minutes. Before long, she started to feel like she was being watched.

Jilene looked about, but didn’t see anyone, but the feeling persisted. Her anxiety returned and started to mount as she became convinced that she wasn’t alone. There was someone out there. Or… or… something. She could feel its presence, she was certain of it. It was dark and awful, like a sudden burst of cold wind cutting through her clothes. Jilene’s pace quickened as she circled back to doctor Metzhola’s home, hoping to lose her pursuer through the alleys and side-streets. She thought she could hear the faint tapping of feet on flagstones from nearby, but every time she looked around, there was nothing. Her skin was crawling. The night didn’t feel as inviting as it once had.

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