Scars, Chapter 27

A new update for our fantasy horror series, Scars. Khy-kala returns to Allona with Jilene in tow, however this is less of a setting for an introduction and more avoiding an otherwise inevitable confrontation. Meanwhile, Justir receives a letter from an old friend. In the excerpt below, we show the lengths Khy-kala's prepared to go… Continue reading Scars, Chapter 27

Scars, Chapter 22

This month's first update is a continuation of Scars. The final confrontation with the vampire is upon us... or is it? Khy-kala leads a group of humans to what she believes is it's lair, but things aren't always what they appear... Enjoy! ~ Grygir paused at the threshold, only stopping because Khy-kala didn’t enter the… Continue reading Scars, Chapter 22