Scars, Chapter 19

And with the first paid update of the month, we have a new addition to Scars. In this chapter, Jilene continues to experience the wonders of becoming a vampire. Spoiler: she’s not taking it well. Khy-kala is doing all she can to help the young woman, for reasons that hit very close to home for the poor elf. Throwing a wrench into the mix is the loyalty of friends and the vampire itself, seeking out its child and trying to bring her to it…

Below is an excerpt from the chapter; for the full story, check out the links above!


Jilene was silent. She thought of how Yrwin had talked with his hands when he was excited, the red he’d turned when she’d teased him about girls he’d liked. The gentle roughness of her father’s hands when he’d held her, or when she’d been young, the moments when he’d been exhausted from the day’s labour, but still found time to read to her. All those moments would vanish forever when she died. She couldn’t even go to their funeral and share those memories. That realization caused a choked sob to escape her. I can’t even say goodbye. You took that from me, too.

She bit her lip, trying to quell the guilt and fear rising up and she started to tremble. Then, tentatively, a long, sinuous arm reached over her, Khy-kala pressing against Jilene, so close that the young woman could feel the warmth of the elf’s flesh against hers, could even feel the contours of her body through her clothes. With her other hand, Khy-kala stroked the back of Jilene’s head, like a family member might to soothe a frightened relative…

or as a lover would. Jilene almost pulled away. A few days ago, she would have, or she would have told the she-elf to take her hands away or even that she didn’t need her and to go back to her own room. Instead, she did none of those things, holding the arm around her waist even tighter. Khy-kala’s presence made her feel safe, it made her feel… warm, in a way she’d only ever read about and even though she was frightened of what it meant, she was more frightened of losing it.

The elf’s breath was slow, steady and calm but the cadence of it was slightly different from a human. She was humming softly, the sound equally unsettling and enticing. Jilene could feel it inside her skin, making her heart pulse and the heat in her core spread out further. She turned bright red with embarrassment at her body’s response, hoping that Khy-kala wouldn’t notice. Her mind kept telling her this was wrong, she was wrong, but her body wasn’t listening and other parts of her didn’t care. She’d never felt this way before. “Khy-kala,” she whispered, her voice cracking. “Have… have you… have you ever been with a human?”

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