Weekly Drabble: Self-Inflicted

This week's prompts are 'suicide by meticulous self-dismemberment' from McBees and 'the horror is on our side' from Burning Desire. With them, we're returning a city beset by an eldritch entity and some of the side effects of having something like that hang around. There's also a new prompt thread up for my patrons, so… Continue reading Weekly Drabble: Self-Inflicted

The Last Angel: Ozymandias, Chapter 12

My patrons voted for it, so we’ve got a fresh new chapter of Ozymandias to close off the month! Though they escaped the (first) group of infected Baheil, Harper and Adrianna aren’t out of the woods yet. Adrianna’s plan to escape the angler hounds through cryogenics has hit a snag: there are angler hounds in… Continue reading The Last Angel: Ozymandias, Chapter 12

The Last Angel: The Hungry Stars, Chapter 30

My patrons keep voting for it, so the hits just keep coming. More Hungry Stars, with the situation on and above Nibiru taking a turn for the worse (that pun will hit you shortly). Three cruisers are prepared to shoot Lakhesis out of the sky and only a couple dozen SWAT officers stand between our… Continue reading The Last Angel: The Hungry Stars, Chapter 30

Scars, Chapter 27

A new update for our fantasy horror series, Scars. Khy-kala returns to Allona with Jilene in tow, however this is less of a setting for an introduction and more avoiding an otherwise inevitable confrontation. Meanwhile, Justir receives a letter from an old friend. In the excerpt below, we show the lengths Khy-kala's prepared to go… Continue reading Scars, Chapter 27

Children of Heaven: Choir of Silence, Chapter 33

Chapter 33: November 25th, 4233Hyperion HiveOuter ReachesUnited Terran Concord UTCNS Avenger Eighth Fleet moved slowly, heading farther away from the warmth of Hyperion into the darker outer reaches of the system, passing asteroid belts, moons and planets. Minelayers went about their business, sowing fields of SLIPs in bands thicker then planets, OWPs and fortresses drifting… Continue reading Children of Heaven: Choir of Silence, Chapter 33