The Last Angel: Ozmandias, Chapter 8

My patreons have voted once again for some Ozymandias, and it’s time to give them what they ask for. In this chapter, we get deeper literally and figuratively into what happened to the Baheil, Harper continues to struggle with some newfound parental issues while (occasionally) dragging some truth out of Adrianna. However, Barry’s not the… Continue reading The Last Angel: Ozmandias, Chapter 8

Children of Heaven: Choir of Silence, Chapter 19

“How’s she doing?” The nurse in attendance looked up as LeFay entered the room. It took her a moment to recognize him; half his face was wrapped in bandages, as was his right arm. “She’s doing fine, sir. What… happened?” Donald grimaced painfully. “Ambush,” he replied tersely, stepping past the younger woman to Natalya’s bedside. She was breathing on her own; that was something. “She’s not in any pain?” he asked, changing the subject. “Not that we can tell, sir.”

Children of Heaven: Choir of Silence, Chapter 18

The unaerodynamic craft banked, dipping one ungainly ‘wing’ towards the welcome party as it circled the plateau and Vul-reni’s valve pulsed in her chest. She did not know how much firepower the invader’s ship possessed, but even a jet fighter could handily wipe her and her team out before they could properly greet any attackers. Had they discovered the sniper teams that lay buried in the sand? It appeared they had not, as the craft finished its orbit and hovered in mid-air before the Speechmistress and her team, flat-footed landing gear extending from several spots on its lower facing as it slowly lost altitude, gently setting itself on the Balaka Plateau’s soil.