Children of Heaven: Choir of Silence, Chapter 14

Singh was under no illusions about what was happening to Archer right now, but he wouldn’t let that stop him. The commodore was a loyal officer of the Concord. She would understand that sacrifices had to be made. If the price was one life ended in order to save thousands or millions of others, that was a trade-off he was sure she’d make. It might cost him some sleep, but Hunt had been right: this wasn’t a war of ideology. They didn’t have to be ‘better’ then the Lefu. They just had to survive.

Patreon Update: The Chase, and Drabble Prompt Thread

We have a new drabble up, with the prompts of 'better part of valour' from Pethrai D'Arkos and 'retreat is always an option' from Pyro Hawk, so with ideas like those, it should be no surprise that we're back in the City of Shadows, this time with the perspective of a newly-landed, uh, "immigrant" and… Continue reading Patreon Update: The Chase, and Drabble Prompt Thread