Children of Heaven, Chapter 25

Natalya ran her fingers through her hair, trying to sort out her thoughts. At least they were hers this time. The medics expected a full recovery, but they didn’t know if Natalya continued to talk with the prisoner, whether each time would be better or worse. Would whatever was ‘wrong’ with her brain acclimate to the Lefu’s speech, or would the damage keep piling up? None of them knew. The young woman rubbed her temples. She’d have to talk with the pilot again. So far, she was the only one who could communicate with her. Since the Lefu still refused to speak, there was nothing for the translation programs and linguists monitoring her to work with. Some BXA personnel were trying to teach her English – a process to which she was nothing if not disinterested. Accordingly, progress was slow. Other medics were speaking with the other personnel who’d reported migraines, waking dreams and nightmares but so far none of them had shown the kind of sensitivity that she had. Why me? What was so special about her that she, out of tens of thousands of men and women, was the only one that could do it?

Patreon Update: Underneath, and Weekly Drabble Prompt Thread

With the prompts of 'the sun never shines' from EBB and 'broken bones' from Xpholia, we return to the City of Shadows. Rather, beneath it this time, to a work crew going about their daily lives, searching out a fault in the power distribution grid. Did you know that interruptions in various nations' internet service… Continue reading Patreon Update: Underneath, and Weekly Drabble Prompt Thread

All the Little Lost Boys and Girls, Chapter 72

Captain Ragnikov's requiem continues, as voted for by my patrons. In this chapter, the Coalition is trying to get information aboard what in the Hell was going on aboard the Caleuche and down on Sanguine Atoll. One of their prospective sources of information is being difficult, and the other doesn't know as much as they… Continue reading All the Little Lost Boys and Girls, Chapter 72

Patreon Update: City of the Angel and Weekly Drabble Prompt Thread

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Children of Heaven, Chapter 24

The Lefu was standing on one hand, her legs and other arm sticking out to the sides, moving in slow arcs in some exercise ritual. If she had noticed Natalya’s arrival in the cell bay, she gave no sign of it. “Give me a moment,” she asked of the guards. They exchanged a quick look before acquiescing, stepping just outside the door, letting it hiss shut. “So you’re what’s scaring the Concord,” Natalya said aloud as she shifted the window from one-way to two-way, turning on the comm. The Lefu raised her legs together, toes pointing up at the ceiling of her cell. Her muscles rippled in a wave from her calves down to her forearms as she stretched. The tattoos on her exposed flesh glinted under the fluorescent lights. “You’re what’s killing us. Our own damned species,” her voice was rough, her throat tightening with revulsion, aching with each word. “But you’re not, are you? Not really. You might look like us, but there’s nothing inside that makes you human. I wonder if you even bleed.”

Patreon Update: ‘A Lure’ and new Weekly Drabble Prompt Thread

This week's prompt comes from patron Stormblessed with 'not a cry for help', bringing us back to the endless, impossible city of Horrak-Sarn and those trying to eke out a living in it day by day. For this tale, we follow up with Emmanuel after his encounter with someone who wasn't making a cry for… Continue reading Patreon Update: ‘A Lure’ and new Weekly Drabble Prompt Thread