The Last Angel: The Hungry Stars, Chapter 15

And here we are with a new month's update for The Hungry Stars, shifting our focus from the Black Veil and the meeting between the League and Red One's forces to narrow the scope a little. Nasham has learned that Grace survived her apparent death and is taking it about as well as Wesley did… Continue reading The Last Angel: The Hungry Stars, Chapter 15

Patreon Update: The Chase, and Drabble Prompt Thread

We have a new drabble up, with the prompts of 'better part of valour' from Pethrai D'Arkos and 'retreat is always an option' from Pyro Hawk, so with ideas like those, it should be no surprise that we're back in the City of Shadows, this time with the perspective of a newly-landed, uh, "immigrant" and… Continue reading Patreon Update: The Chase, and Drabble Prompt Thread

Children of Heaven, Chapter 20

“Energy surge from all around us! Defences activating!” Turrets rose smoothly from the floor and descended from the ceiling of the massive hangar, stitching the debarked Marines with heavy fire. Seven soldiers were killed in the opening volley as the survivors scrambled for cover and returned the assault, blasting four of the automatic defences apart. Leibowitz crouched behind Ranger Three’s hull as one of the energy guns fired on his position over and over. “Leibowitz to support – what the hell is taking you so long?” “Debarking now, sir.” The rear ramps of two of the Warhawks lowered as League battle tanks ground out, squat and massive on their treads. Dark Lord – Wraith Two – spun its turret around and stitched the ceiling with railgun fire, ripping the defences there to pieces. Last Hope – Wraith One – took precise aim at the main doors that led out of the hangar and blew them inwards. From the other Warhawks, defence drones, heavy weapons pallets and man-mounted gun pods floated down the ramps, the assault boats lifting off to return to Liberty and load themselves with runts – the second wave of the boarding action. It was not by The Book, but The Book had never imagined this kind of clusterfuck; to take Necromancer, they’d need every man and woman that Liberty could spare.

Patreon Update: The Warlord’s Tale, and Weekly Drabble Prompt Thread

This week's prompt comes from my patron Henri Black with 'i am the way'. With that in mind, we return to a currently unnamed setting with a story from the Warlord of the Black Fleets and the secret behind Ascension. We also have the weekly patrons-only prompt thread for ideas for next week's drabble, so… Continue reading Patreon Update: The Warlord’s Tale, and Weekly Drabble Prompt Thread

All the Little Lost Boys and Girls, Chapter 70

As voted for by my patrons, this month's second update is a continuation of our science fiction horror series, All the little lost boys and girls. The final tale of Captain Alexei Ragnikov continues as he scours space for hints of the Imperium's most secret research facility. Meanwhile, aboard said space station, Director Everett Hayes… Continue reading All the Little Lost Boys and Girls, Chapter 70

Children of Heaven, Chapter 19

Dozens of unknown ships were descending upon Cemetery. From the images the recon unit had managed to lift before it was blown to pieces, they were no more friendly explorers than the Lefu were. They were clearly killers, but they lacked the predatory grace of the Lefu warships. There was nothing to the newcomers but ugly steel and sharp edges. Most of them, at any rate. There were a half-dozen ships in the heart of their formation, larger than the rest by half. They lacked the bloated-U profile and the sharp angles of their kin; their ‘core’ was a simple rectangle five kilometers long that bulged with massive protrusions on all facings. Goldstein’s first thought was that they were carriers, but there were no visible hangars on those ovular structures, only windows. Not even troopers, then – colonizers. He was looking at the species that had murdered the world beneath him, come to claim it as their own.

Patreon Update: Cusp of Night and Weekly Prompt Thread

With the prompts of 'at twilight's edge' and 'restoring the balance' from patrons LystAiP and Henri Black, we have an addition to the City of Shadows setting: night is falling upon Horrak-Sarn, and that means the denizens must prepare for it, each with their own way of surviving the horrors that fill the City until… Continue reading Patreon Update: Cusp of Night and Weekly Prompt Thread

To the Victor, the Spoils: Chapter 7

Chapter 7: Verona couldn’t sleep. She was too wound up from the excitement of the day, thinking too many thoughts. Her bedroom was on the third floor, across the hall from Lady Vipress. Normally, she would have taken a place in the servant’s quarters until and unless Alexandra sent for her. It was... presumptuous to… Continue reading To the Victor, the Spoils: Chapter 7

Scars, Chapter 9

“We should be at the Osel farm before lunch.” Letha nodded. “Good.” She wanted to get there, finish the investigation and find someplace safe to spend the night. Away from the Dead Lands and even farther from things like Linny Kater. Or at least, whatever had once been a young woman named Linny Kater. “I hope we find something useful.” “We probably will,” Justir answered her. “Is that optimism or instinct talking?” “Pessimism,” the former paladin replied. “And instinct.”