The Last Angel: The Hungry Stars, Chapter 26

A new chapter for The Hungry Stars is here (and an update to another one of my stories will be coming before the month’s end). In this chapter, we’re completing shifting from slow build-up to payoff as story will be focusing mostly on Nibiru for some time to keep things moving on that front. I… Continue reading The Last Angel: The Hungry Stars, Chapter 26

Children of Heaven: Choir of Silence, Chapter 27

A single star system swelled to prominence on the holographic view and there was a ripple in the assembled officers as they recognized it. “Unicorn Set. This is the second hardest target the Lefu have, ladies and gentlemen.” Hunt’s voice was granite, radiating nothing but pure conviction. “And we’re going to take it out.”

Weekly Drabble: ‘Spooktacular’ and Prompt Thread

With this week's prompts of 'dead girl' from stratomunchkin and 'give up the ghost' from Knightress, we return to the setting of a previous short story: Gillian the ghost, trying to be friendly after terrorizing a family for months on end. She's doing better, but she's still something that goes bump in the night.... As… Continue reading Weekly Drabble: ‘Spooktacular’ and Prompt Thread

Children of Heaven: Choir of Silence, Chapter 26

As the commodore moved to take her leave, Arykka did acquiesce a little, though she did not look up. “I was there the day the gods fell,” she said into the silence. It was a single sentence, one that meant so many things for the Evea’shi. This time, there was no doubt what it meant. When we come, you will fall.

Weekly Drabble: ‘AWOL’ and Prompt Thread.

This week's prompts are 'uninvited guest' and 'predator' from Sam C and Henri Black, which gives us a return to the setting of a failed alien takeover of Earth. Illya Vadokov, a "termination specialist" and most dangerous of the infiltrators, is still on the run from human authorities and slowly coming to terms with what… Continue reading Weekly Drabble: ‘AWOL’ and Prompt Thread.

Scars, Chapter 22

This month's first update is a continuation of Scars. The final confrontation with the vampire is upon us... or is it? Khy-kala leads a group of humans to what she believes is it's lair, but things aren't always what they appear... Enjoy! ~ Grygir paused at the threshold, only stopping because Khy-kala didn’t enter the… Continue reading Scars, Chapter 22

Children of Heaven: Choir of Silence, Chapter 25

It was the last. It had been one of the first, and now it was the last. It was speeding through the cosmos, scarred repair systems attempting to regenerate its sole vital system. It was not intelligent enough to reflect on what had led it to this point, nor introspective enough to consider the weight of the data it carried. It if had been either of those things, it just may have gone mad with grief.

Weekly Drabble: ‘Harvest Moon’ and Drabble Prompt Thread

This week's prompt is 'pumpkin' from Knightress and we have a little autumn-based short story for you all featuring a young woman, the man she loves and the monster within him. A little more literal than figurative in this case. There's also a new prompt thread up for my patrons to submit new ideas for… Continue reading Weekly Drabble: ‘Harvest Moon’ and Drabble Prompt Thread

Children of Heaven: Choir of Silence, Chapter 24

“Fine. If it will make you happy, I’ll reassign the 181st to system defence duty and restrict her access to classified material, but I will not bust her down for groundless fears. As soon as there’s some solid evidence that she’s been co-opted, I will act. Not before.” “That is, of course, your right,” Hunt replied frostily. “I simply hope that you don’t come to regret that decision.”