To the Victor, the Spoils: Chapter 7

Chapter 7: Verona couldn’t sleep. She was too wound up from the excitement of the day, thinking too many thoughts. Her bedroom was on the third floor, across the hall from Lady Vipress. Normally, she would have taken a place in the servant’s quarters until and unless Alexandra sent for her. It was... presumptuous to… Continue reading To the Victor, the Spoils: Chapter 7

Scars, Chapter 9

“We should be at the Osel farm before lunch.” Letha nodded. “Good.” She wanted to get there, finish the investigation and find someplace safe to spend the night. Away from the Dead Lands and even farther from things like Linny Kater. Or at least, whatever had once been a young woman named Linny Kater. “I hope we find something useful.” “We probably will,” Justir answered her. “Is that optimism or instinct talking?” “Pessimism,” the former paladin replied. “And instinct.”

Children of Heaven, Chapter 18

Abigail leaned forward in her chair as the mass of Lefu HAVOCs opened like an unfurling flower. Some of them were braking hard, still on approach to the planet. The rest were shifting ranks as they came about on a course that would take them right to her pilots. What in hell are you playing at? Humanity’s experience with the Lefu was not what one might call vast, but they had the range to slag Hyperion Secundus from thousands, if not millions of kilometers away. Why did they need to decelerate in order to…. Oh. “They’re preparing to break atmo,” the wing-captain realized.

To the Victor, the Spoils, Chapter 6

Capricorn City was, by pre-War standards, not a terribly large place. Its population was less than a tenth of Minneapolis... had anyone still lived in its crumbling wreckage. Many major population centers were dead and had been for decades. Only places that the Hegemony had prioritized in rebuilding like Garamond gave some semblance of human civilization returning to Earth. Five billion people died. Some starved as crops were poisoned and stores ran out. Others fell to disease; many through the filth of war but others from the Hegemony’s bioweapons. Riots, civil wars, radiation sickness – the ways that humanity had used to tear itself apart were both many and varied. After Johannesburg, when the Coalition’s last, desperate chance for victory had failed, the killing had truly begun in earnest. No... not killing. It had been too sterile, too clinical for that. Culling. The eradication of defiant populations and anyone who could pose a threat to the Hegemony and their damned High Human Culture. And that bitch upstairs was the one who had made it all possible. Why couldn’t she have just died? It wasn’t an angry thought. If he’d seen Savoy revelling in this new world, it would be easier to find that hatred. Instead, it was almost despondent.

The Last Angel: The Hungry Stars, Chapter 14

An update that's a bit later than in recent months (probably due to the fact that each of my works this month had a longer chapter than usual), but we have a new chapter for The Hungry Stars. The first meeting between United Earth Confederacy and the Triquetran League has concluded. Both sides are intrigued… Continue reading The Last Angel: The Hungry Stars, Chapter 14

Children of Heaven, Chapter 17

Alarms whined aboard the hive’s CiC and Admiral Foraker gripped the upper mezzanine’s railing so tightly that his fingers ached, watching helplessly as holes were ripped in his defensive formation, more and more Lefu HAVOCs spiraling through those dead zones, towards the shipyards. Their savagery was almost inconceivable; those defences could have stopped dreadnaught squadrons in their tracks, but they might have been made of tissue paper for all the good they did against the alien fighters.

All the Little Lost Boys and Girls, Chapter 69

Continuing our flashback from last time, Duty Before Glory's search for DROP 47 continues. In this chapter, the nature of the Pax Archive is shown: the last two months of the world of Gemini Pax and the deaths of all twenty million inhabitants are chronicled. Below is a snippet from the chapter, an excerpt from… Continue reading All the Little Lost Boys and Girls, Chapter 69

To the Victor, the Spoils: Chapter 5

Chapter 5: Another dream. Venezuela this time. The naked young woman in Alexandra’s arms was whimpering and sobbing. She was clutching at her stomach, blood seeping through her fingers. “Medic!” Savoy shouted as she stormed into camp. A corpsman was the first to respond and pointed to an empty cot. “What happened?” he asked. “I… Continue reading To the Victor, the Spoils: Chapter 5

Children of Heaven, Chapter 16

Admiral Alicia Hunt stood on the command deck of UTCNS Warlord, a Kali-class dreadnaught. Imperator was of the same class, but Invictus was an Ares. Thunderer and Conqueror were Camulus-class; missile variants, outfitted with fortress tubes and the warheads that went with them. “Status of April Fools?” “All ECM systems read green, admiral. We know what to look for and even our sensors are having trouble sorting them out; the Lefu should be in for a bit of surprise when they open fire.” “Let’s hope so. Status of their advance?” “They’re ignoring the outer-system colonies, coming right for us.” “Their scouts must have reported in, then. I doubt they would have done so otherwise.” The Lefu targeted military ships and facilities first, then took out any spaceborne civilian vessels or installations. If they didn’t know that Hyperion Hive’s outer-system sites were harmless, they’d have started culling them. As it was, they were planning on dealing with BG 97 first.